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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Cozy Home

Februar 26, 2018

Regardless of the season and weather, everyone wants to have an inviting cozy home. All in all, home is where we spend most of our time and intimate moments with our family and loved ones.

The fact is, that making your place a real homey snug takes a little effort. The good thing is, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to create such an effect. Have a quick look how.


Layering textures

Heavy basket knits will have a somewhat different effect than thinner ones. However, why not mix them together to contrast and add on more layers for extra coziness.

Having a good mix of textures as well as finishes, such as soft and hard finishes, is important for creating a harmony.


My absolute favorite snug cozy yet luxe material is currently velvet. Velvet is generally very tactile and extremely cozy in combination with sheepskin throws and cushions. To balance this plush explosion I needed some contrast which was created by the coffee table from Knoll in this case, which is made of shiny black glass and black metal mesh.


Cushions, cushions and some more cushions

Adding pillows and cushions projects softness and increases the comfort factor. The fun part is that here you can play around and experiment for yourself. You can stick to neutral earthy color tones for an inviting cozy effect while choosing different fabrics and maybe even patterns.  

Another option is to pop a color to break the neutral tones. This will set and lift the ‘mood’ of the room. That’s an easy alternative to bringing colors in your home if you don’t feel like painting walls and such. And if you get bored of it, you can just simply exchange the pillow cover!



An important part of coziness is definitely a light. Go for a soft indirect lighting to create the right atmosphere. Combine different lighting options such as standing or table lamps with pendants with dimming function. Add candles to it and you already won.


Use natural color tones

Too wild colorful choice can result in a vibrant and energy-loaded room. I am not saying you should avoid colors at all, but they should be chosen to harmonize and balance calmness throughout the room. That’s why neutrals and natural tones are a safe bet to go with.

Painting walls in darker tones can be a great coziness intensifier.


Add a flower

A greenery or freshly cut flower bouquet will do the homey feeling. You will gain an extra color pop and yet bring life to your house.



Curtains are I think a must have for a real snug nook feeling. They bring extra visual interest as well as warmth in contrast to the cold walls and windows.


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