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Practical Tips for Designing Kids’ Rooms

Mai 2, 2018

It’s undoubtedly fun to decorate the toddler’s room, yet it can be quite of a challenge too. If you think like me, you’d consider a decoration concept that would work for the years to come, while still being colorful, creative and cool. Yes, and practical too (my least favorite word).

The strategy I used for my daughter’s toddler room which will grow with her is two-fold: sustainable core pieces & easy to change updates aka the ‘fun stuff’.

Core Pieces

By ‘core pieces’ I mean especially large furniture that should last and be usable even in late teenagerhood. These pieces, such as storage spaces, wardrobes or a bed (once your kiddo upgraded from a crib).

Bed: My girl upgraded from her crib to a real bed 120×90 cm by pure coincident. As we moved away from Stockholm house, we had a spare guest bed that doesn’t fit in our current place. So she got it and she loves it. There’s enough space for my own sleepovers with her and she can definitely use it untill adulthood.

Wardrobes and storage space: These are indeed core elements you’ll always need. No matter what age. I opted for a white colored classic console and wardrobe from the same collection, which given its neutrality can be used for adults too.
Given how much stuff those little ones have, we had to get more storage. This time we went for a different piece, a bookshelf from String system in an Oak color. The advantage of it, it’s a classic that is super customizable so we can always adapt its design according to our needs.

This console from Oliver Furniture used to serve as a changing board when Emily was a baby. Later we just took off the changing board element and transformed it into a console.


String System bookshelf can be extended or customised at any time and however you wish.


Lighting: I am a lamp freak and so even our girl’s lamp is one of a durable piece. Crystal chandelier gives the girl’s room a princess vintage touch and later on, it can be a glamorous piece for any bedroom.

The Fun Stuff:

Rug: My daughter loves to draw and paint so when I considered a rug purchase I wasn’t a fan of pricy tags. So I chose one that brings a pop of color into the room. Actually, lots of colors. When she drops a paint on the carpet, which already happened, it just blended in. I can’t even see the spots 😉


Colorful floral low-budget rug and a neutral yet glamorous chandelier.

Wallpaper, paint: Here you can go wild and bring in the kid’s age appropriate colors and patterns. However, to keep the ‘easy to change’ updates rule, consider well if you want to put a wallpaper all around the room or just one or two walls of the room. The rest can be painted with matching colors. In principle, it’s a matter of your choice and your time spending re-doing it one day.


We didn’t apply a wallpaper but just painted a lighter grey as I wanted the decorative details‘ colors to pop up dominantly. And I involved Emily to help me! She loved it 😉

Posters, Cushions, Decorative Details: These are all really easy to change elements. My tip is to get neutral frames that could be reusable in any other spaces and get some nice fun posters to it that you can take out anytime you or your kiddo gets bored with them.
With further decorative details, let your kid stimulate your creativity. Most of all, he or she should love the room and feel comfortable there. Even though the room should have ‘good neutral core’, it should still be a fun space where creative adventures will be born.



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