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Planning a Toddler Birthday Party

März 12, 2018

So… soon my little big girl is turning three (!!) which mean that toddler birthday party planning has started.  I won’t be stating that parently cliche ‘’oh gosh, the time flies with the kids’’, because, honestly, sometimes certain challenging developmental phases (which is most of their life’s time) crawl as a turtle! But that’s a post on it own. Now, I want to focus on our little big day planning!

Being a complete amateur in this area, I did some reading about children’s parties. There are some great tips out there which I found helpful in setting the direction which I want the birthday party to go. Yet, I personally think, everybody has to set individual adjustments suitable to their own circumstances. Keep on reading to find out more!


This is one of the most important decisions that will impact the entire planning process. Birthdays celebrated at home may be more space restricted than making a picnic or a garden party. The location will pretty much define everything, from how many guests you can invite to decoration options or what food to prepare.

Setting a Theme

This is one of the most generic tips you’ll find almost everywhere. I found it as a great idea because it helps a lot with the choice of decoration, colors, cake design, invitations and even goodie bags ideas. Your toddler would be blown away to have a cake that looks like his superhero character or maybe a favorite animal!

Birthday Invitations

I wanted the birthday invitations to fit our theme, so I got cards suiting the entire idea. Bear in mind that the invitations should be sent out with some time reserve. You know…people are busy these days chasing things. I would recommend integrating a note regarding invitation confirmation into your cards because knowing how many guests come is gonna make things easier for you to plan further details (food, goodie bags, chairs etc..)

After the location is decided, theme nailed and invitations done and sent out, you can deep-dive into the next planning stage, where all the little details come in.


Balloons, garlands, pom-poms, flowers – creativity has no limits. And if you are short on ideas, Pinterest is always full of great inspiration.

Cake & Food

Bake a cake of your own or you can off-load some of the work and buy/order a customized one. Baking yourself is cheaper for sure and you can have a control over all ingredients. However, if you wanna create a cake looking like a unicorn or a batman, you may need a helping hand if you are like me.

Cutlery, Cups and Paper Plates


In principle, you can use anything you have. For us, bearing the theme in mind and preventing glass splitters, I decided to get theme matching paper plates and paper cups. Cutlery will be from rice bamboo melanin, thus re-usable next year.
Oh, don’t forget napkins. A lot of them.

Tables and chairs

Might trivial to mention but quite important. Take the age of your guests into account. Our guests will be around 2,5-3 years old, so most of them are still too small to sit on a regular adult chair and most likely not patient to sit for too long neither.

Goodie Bags

It’s just nice to have the little buddies going back home happy and amused with tiny little something, leaving them a great experience behind. I got extra spare goodie bags, just in case. I don’t wanna have any disappointed kiddo leaving in tears.


I don’t expect that the 2 and 3-year olds will play all nicely together, so alternative activity solutions may be handy. The activity appropriacy should depend on the children’s age and their current interests.

Just a small hint for younger children, try to keep pencils, crayons and any markets out of their reach 😉

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