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Gubi Beetle Lounge Chairs Just Joined Our Family

März 27, 2018

Six weeks. Exactly six weeks I have been waiting for the iconic Beetle lounge chairs from Gubi to arrive and yes, it was worth the wait.

I was searching for the right lounge chairs/armchairs that would complement our grey velvet living room sofa for a long time and frankly, I thought I am pretty much decided for the pink Ro from Fritz Hansen. It’s an armchair I always imagined myself drinking tea and watch a tv or read a book in. But then we moved. We moved to a beautiful apartment but the layout changed, thus the space for the chairs. So I started searching again for a suitable, smaller lounge seating but didn’t really need to search long. I have been looking at the Beetle baby from Gubi for a long time, and now with its slim elegant shape, not too massive, I knew it was just perfect the extension to our sofa room.

So once decided, then another question mark appeared regarding the color. The vast choice of fabrics and colors Gubi offers wasn’t making my decision-making process any easier. They are all super gorgeous and given the natural tones of our living room, most of them would fit.

Finally and surprisingly, we decided for the mustard yellow velvet. Not so surprisingly, one week later we changed our order to the Dusty green velvet. Very surprisingly, so it stayed and I am happy. But the yellow would have been pretty too 😉

Now the plan is to add some nice details and decoration to the living room, such as floral pillows with a pop of pink and purple, sofa throw and who knows what ideas cross my mind on the way next.. 🙂


My first choice color in mustard yellow. Photo by @maijanmaailma


Beetle Lounge Chair in Dusty Green Velvet

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