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Blue-mania, aka Why We Don’t Get Bored With Blue

Februar 28, 2019

The blue color has been here with us for a while. Since Carrie Bradshaw has introduced her updated NY City apartment with blue wall colors and subsequently followed another blue breakthrough when she and Mr Big presented their first common place furnished with deep blue sofa in the Sex and the City movie. We all have seen it, right? (If not, which planet have you been living on???!) Ever since then the trend has been set. But I think it has become way more than just a trend, otherwise we wouldn’t be in love with that calming blue hues till now. Some even say that blue is becoming the new black. 

So what do we actually know about blue? This peace seeking color is reducing stress and promoting a sense of calmness. That is one reason why many recommend for example to decorate bedrooms with blue colors. 

The theory says ’Dark blue can be compassionate but has trouble showing it as its emotions run deep. Dark blue is a serious masculine color representing knowledge, power, and integrity, and is used quite often in the corporate world.’ (

It indeed is one of a more conservative masculine colors, however, from my point of view, female powers has been overtaking this color and dressing it up the ‘emotional’ feminine way. What am I talking about? Blue velvet as an example of course! Velvet is undoubtedly the highest fabric of them all when it comes to representing glamour and to me also emotions due to its soft tactile character and subtle shine resulting playful change in color shades. 

Pinterest and Instagram is flooding through styled-up blue velvet interiors, even if only in a form of a cushion or a side pouf. And as the time goes, I still don’t see this ‘trend’ coming to an end. Besides, have you spotted the blue spill-over into a fashion?? If not, I tell you, you got to be blind! 😉

Beautifully blue velvet hues with lilac flower decor. Feminine and fresh. Courtesy of @thehauteinteriors

Iconic interior design from the Sex and the City movie.

Stunning elegant design by @Studia54

Gucci’s new collection Spring/Summer 2019. Courtesy of @thomasAtHirschleifers

Gourgeous moodboard for Balmain’s collection by the talented @Olivier Rousteing

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