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Autumn Flower Decor

Oktober 12, 2018

My very favorite season is finally here!! I think there is nothing more beautiful than the autumn sunshine shining through the yellow-red-brownish colored leaves. Warm sun kissing your skin while you are already cozied up in a fluffy coat. The walks through the park while your feet are browsing through the heaps of fallen leaves. Autumn is simply a season full of magic colors and action. Halloween is just behind the corner and pumpkins are being set for the party decoration and besides, the candle and the cozy-cushy season is starting up (double yay!!).

So what does that mean in my world? Getting all the sofa throws and warm cushions out of the wardrobes, getting some nice candles on the tables and sideboards (and everywhere else you can :D) and most of all, bringing the mystic autumn colors home by having cut flowers or tree branches as decoration.  And just like handbags have its matching shoes, every season has its matching flowers. So what goes with autumn?? Here are my favorites.








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